Monday, September 19, 2011

Let them talk

Title si actually title of the Hugh Lauries new album. Few days ago I found it on youtube.
Im a great Hugh Lauries fan so I couldnt wait to hear the songs. He is a very good actor, and most of you know him as Md. House from tv show. But he also was  excellent in a cult British show Black Adder.

With this album he definitely proved that he is a great musician. Its not like I am expert in music, but these songs are just gooood.

So Hugh plays piano and has that great hoarse blues voice. I just realized that I simply adore him.....though Im not great blues fan.

 And here comes my favourite: Battle of Jericho, its actually very old blues song.....



  1. welcome i na blogger :D pratim te!

  2. Oh nemrem vjerovati, hvala ti... a sta ces cekam da pocne faks, pa se pomalo zabavljam.....:)
    I da, ja sam te danas gnjavila sa onim cipelicama....Posalji mi mejl.....:)