Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just a look.

So, this is mine Faust inspired look. Key is in the look. :D My favourite boots and lovely dress..:D

I wwas reading Milorad Pavic and his  book Predeo slikan čajem (Landscape painted with tee) so I decided to draw this picture. Im not a really good painter but meaning is here. Read it. Navy shirt. 

This bag was a gift for me from my cousin. She made it herself. Blouse is my mothers. She was wearing it in 80s. 

These looks are on so if you are Hype them.


  1. baš mi se sviđaju lookovi, zadnji posebno :D postaviću link od tvog bloga na svoju blog listu pa se nadam da će to pomoći sa posjetama :D

  2. Hvala na hype-ovima :)
    Pratim te svakako!!!

  3. Love all the 3 looks lo from Puerto Rico

  4. Oh tnx....Im glad that you do.....:*